NY Top Docs & NY Top Dentists Proudly Present September 2018 Approved Providers

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following September 2018 approved providers.

NY Top Docs Include:

Bariatric Medicine / Surgery

  • Dr. Alexander Barkan


  • Dr. David D’Agate


  • Dr. Jesleen Ahluwalia
  • Dr. Ellen Blank
  • Dr. Robert J. Cohen
  • Dr. Theodore Daly

Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Thomas Romo III

Family Practice

  • Dr. Christina Aranda
  • Dr. Jonathan Eckstein
  • Dr. Helen Suchanick

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Laszlo Feher
  • Dr. Nadeem Ahmed
  • Dr. Didem Miraloglu
  • Dr. Margaret Vaughan


  • Dr. Ludmilla Bronfin
  • Dr. Cary D. Buckner
  • Dr. Randall Berliner

Oncology / Hematology

  • Dr. Rajiv Datta
  • Dr. Craig Devoe
  • Dr. David Dougherty


Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dr. Norma Bacilious


  • Dr. Joshua Weinstein


  • Dr. Howard Alder