Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Athena Kaporis Named NY Top Doc For 2020  NY Top Docs has reviewed and approved Athena Kaporis, M.D. of Westchester Dermatology & Mohs Surgery for 2020. Dr. Kaporis is a board-certified dermatologist who completed her undergraduate studies and graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College where she was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Dr. Kaporis received her medical degree and pursued a medical internship at New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Kaporis then completed her Dermatology Residency at the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn, Downstate Medical Center. She has conducted research in immunology and has published several articles in peer-reviewed medical journals regarding dermatologic pathology. Dr. Kaporis has been in private practice for many years specializing in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, including laser surgery. She is an expert injector and is a trainer for Allergan. Dr. Kaporis Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following April 2020 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. Mark Jordan Dr. Robert A. Joy Dr. Lawrence Katz Dr. Jordan P. Katz Dr. David B. Kaufman Dr. Walayat Khan Dr. Ashok Khanna Dr. David Khaski Dr. Melvin J. Klein Dr. Ludwig Klein Dr. Michael P. Konig Dr. Zoran Lasic Dr. Bryan Latzman Dr. Joe F. Lau Dr. Martin B. Leon Dermatology Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman Dr. Adam Korzenko Endocrinology Dr. Elia Kassab Dr. Gillian Katz Dr. Irwin Klein Dr. Walter Noah Kromholz Dr. Emilia P. Liao ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Jacqueline Jones Dr. Rajesh S. Kakani Dr. Lawrence Krieger Dr. Alexa Lessow Dr. Gregory M. Levitin Dr. Craig M. Litman Family Practice Dr. Cynthia Jones Dr. Tara Jones Dr. Josephine D. Julian Dr. Kerry J. Kelly Dr. Michael T. Kernan Dr. Aijaz Khan Dr. Nadine Khouzam Dr. Gurdeep Read the full article →

Dr. Paul Ganjian of Next Generation Dental Named NY Top Dentist Dr. Paul Ganjian of Next Generation Dental has been reviewed and approved as a NY Top Dentist for 2020. Dr. Paul Ganjian and his team at Next Generation Dental are devoted to providing every patient with the best quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment. He wants patients to feel comfortable enough to be able to discuss their treatment plans and ask any questions. Dr. Ganjian graduated and received his Doctoral Degree from the Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in New York. He then went on to pursue specialty training in dental implants at the New York University College of Dental Medicine. Providing a full range of both preventative and cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Ganjian is able to help you achieve a clean, healthy, and attractive smile. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a gentle touch, Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following March 2020 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. Albert S. Hartel Cardiology Dr. Nils A. Guttenplan Dr. Martin Handler Dr. Michael B. Holmes Dr. Shahram Harmozi Dr. Vijay S. Iyer Dr. Vivek Iyer Dr. Rajiv Jaujar Dermatology Dr. Peter C. Chien Dr. Nina P. Chopra Dr. Howard J. Corwin Dr. Elaine S. Gilmore Dr. Caroline Halverstam Dr. Rella M. Hartman Dr. Marie V. Hayag Dr. Stephanie Hu Dr. Sherrif F. Ibrahim Dr. Shilesh Iyer Dr. Ali Jabbari Dr. Samer Jaber Dr. Debra Jaliman Dr. Carl Solowey Endocrinology Dr. James R. Hess Dr. Leon I. Igel Dr. Clifton M. Jackness ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Tova F. Isseroff Dr. Alexis H. Jackman Dr. Kamran S. Jafri Dr. Daniel Jethanamest Family Practice Dr. Jennifer T. Henson Dr. Khalil I. Innabi General Surgery Dr. Alan D. Heymann Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following February 2020 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. Evelina Grayver Endocrinology Dr. Zachary T. Bloomgarden General Surgery Dr. Merab Boter Dr. David A. Greuner Internal Medicine Dr. Martin Bolic Dr. Shikha Goyal Dr. Nabil B. Guindi Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. Richard V. Grazi Dr. Herbert Gretz Ophthalmology Dr. Samuel L. Guillory Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Stanley E. Asnis Dr. Oladapo Michael Babatunde Pediatrics Dr. Melissa Jill Goldstein Dr. Susan Gunduz Physical Medicine / Physiatry Dr. Alicia Carter Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Thomas A. Bersani Rheumatology Dr. Sandeep Gupta Vascular Surgery Dr. Enrico Ascher