NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following May 2019 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. Bernard Gitler Dermatology Dr. Cybele Fishman ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Michael J. Bergstein Dr. Brian Nicholas Family Practice Dr. Anthony Guida Gastroenterology Dr. Irina Berlin Dr. Gary Bernstein Dr. Daniel L. Biery Dr. Anthony S. Borcich Dr. Jad Z. Bou-Abdallah Infectious Disease Dr. Howard Balbi Internal Medicine Dr. Karen Banks-Lindner Dr. Akhaya K. Das Dr. Natalie Marks Dr. Aye Zaw Nephrology Dr. Bertram E. Alpert Dr. Bruce A. Becker Dr. Nathaniel Berman Dr. Sylvia L. Betcher Dr. Jacob J. Clarenbach Dr. Ira W. Reiser Neurology Dr. Abraham Glasman Dr. Jennifer W. Mcvige OBGYN Dr. J. Milton Hutson Dr. Alice Ko Oncology / Hematology Dr. Julia Schaefer-Cutillo Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Eldridge R. Anderson Dr. Evan O. Baird Dr. Bruce Baker Dr. Phillip A. Bauman Dr. Mathais Bostrom Dr. Haydee Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following April 2019 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Family Practice Dr. Lada Galilova Gynecology Dr. Samuel Badalian Nephrology Dr. Leslie Walter Neurological Surgery Dr. Benjamin R. Cohen Neurology Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn Ophthalmology Dr. Daniel Casper Orthopedic Surgery Dr. John J. Brennan Pediatrics Dr. Kwame Anyane-Yeboa Dr. Howard Nass Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Elliot B. Duboys

NY Top Dentists Proudly Presents Dr. Joseph Canterino for 2019 Dr. Joseph Canterino of Canterino & Katsman Dental has been reviewed and approved by NY Top Dentists for 2019. Dr. Canterino graduated from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry. He then attended Dawson Academy, a prestigious, postgraduate educational facility. Dr. Canterino has also been voted a Westchester Top Dentist from 2009 to 2019. Striving to educate every patient in making informed decisions about their treatments, Dr. Canterino spends dedicated time with each patient to understand their individual needs. The Canterino & Katsman Dental office provides excellent dental services using cutting-edge dental technology. A few services the office offers include digital x-rays, white fillings, metal-free crowns, ZOOM Whitening, Invisalign, implants, prosthetics, and veneers. To learn more about this NY Top Dentist, please click here.   About Us NY Top Docs is a comprehensive, trusted and exclusive ¬†healthcare resource featuring reviewed and Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following March 2019 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. David S. Mazza Dr. Robert Jason Sporter Cardiology Dr. Stuart Dickerman Dr. Susan Graham Dr. Sudarsanam Konka Dr. Steven Markowitz Dr. Stuart Okin Dr. Stuart Schecter Dr. Steven Winter Dr. Steven Zeldis Dermatology Dr. Stuart Levine Dr. Steven Natow Dr. Sue Ann Wee Dr. Steven Weissman Dr. Stuart Zweibel General Surgery Dr. Gary A. Gelbfish Internal Medicine Dr. Sunitha Bollineni Dr. Steven Chao Dr. Steven Jacobs Dr. Susan Park Dr. Suman Sawhney Dr. Sung Sohn Dr. Steven Spiegel Dr. Steven Spivak Dr. Suman Swarnkar OB/GYN Dr. Dominic M. Grecco Dr. Ephraim Ovitsh Ophthalmology Dr. Julia Giyaur Dr. Sungjun Hwang Dr. Sean Mogan Dr. Bradley J. Phillips Dr. Gideon L. Schneck Dr. Steven Searl Dr. Steven Teich Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Stuart Cherney Dr. Steven Sampson Read the full article →

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following February 2019 approved providers. NY Top Docs Include: Dermatology Dr. Zoe Veritas Family Practice Dr. Craig Amnott Gastroenterology Dr. Tong Jing Dr. Robert A. Sable Dr. Thomas D. Schiano Internal Medicine Dr. Martin Bolic Dr. Shuangping Wang Dr. Wayne Wertheim Ophthalmology Dr. Rodney Coe Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Todd Battaglia Dr. Jack Choueka Dr. Thomas Youm Pain Management Dr. David Rosenblum Pediatrics Dr. Kristin Roye Dr. Irwin L. Schwartz Physical Medicine / Physiatry Dr. Nelson Wong Podiatry Dr. Tzvi Bar-David Psychiatry Dr. Robert S. Laitman Reproductive Immunology Dr. Jonathan Scher Sleep Medicine Dr. Deborah Cappell NY Top Dentists Include: General Dentistry Dr. Paul Bender Dr. David Kroner Dr. Joshua Perlman Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Jeffrey Ginsberg