Dr. Paul Ganjian of Next Generation Dental Named NY Top Dentist

Dr. Paul Ganjian

Dr. Paul Ganjian of Next Generation Dental Named NY Top Dentist

Dr. Paul Ganjian of Next Generation Dental has been reviewed and approved as a NY Top Dentist for 2020. Dr. Paul Ganjian and his team at Next Generation Dental are devoted to providing every patient with the best quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment. He wants patients to feel comfortable enough to be able to discuss their treatment plans and ask any questions.

Dr. Ganjian graduated and received his Doctoral Degree from the Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in New York. He then went on to pursue specialty training in dental implants at the New York University College of Dental Medicine.

Providing a full range of both preventative and cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Ganjian is able to help you achieve a clean, healthy, and attractive smile. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a gentle touch, Dr. Ganjian helps you obtain the smile of your dreams. He is committed to teaching you how to maintain good oral hygiene at home so you can preserve the beauty of your teeth for as long as possible. 

Dr. Ganjian is currently a district board member of the American Academy Dentistry of Children With Disabilities for New York State. He is also a clinical dental professor at New York University College of Dental Medicine. 

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