NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following October 2016 approved providers:

NY Top Docs Include:

Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Syed Mustafa


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Dr. Helen S. Colen



Dr. Bradley Rieders

Dr. Ian Storch


Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. Peter Costantino


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Albert Sassoon

Dr. Alex Hirsch

Dr. Daphna Kilion

Dr. Douglas Moss

Dr. Emil L. Gurshumov

Dr. Janice Marks

Dr. John J. Lopes

Dr. Michael H. Campanella

Dr. Patricia Calayag

Dr. Rebecca E. Sorley-Mastrodomenico

Dr. Robert A. Jason

Dr. Ronnie M. Salzman

Dr. Salvatore Ancona

Dr. Steven R. Goldstein

Dr. Thomas L. Paone


Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Polatsch

Dr. Jeffrey Rosen

Dr. Rudolph F. Taddonio, Jr.



Dr. David H. Hiltzik

Dr. Richard I. Nass

Dr. Virginia E. Feldman


Pediatrics (Hematology/Oncology)

Dr. Susan Baker

Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Mark Spero


Vascular Surgery/Endovascular Surgery

Dr. Roger Walcott


NY Top Dentists  Include:

General Dentistry

Dr. Abdulla Zoobi

Dr. Adrianne R. Koster

Dr. Aleksandr Izrailov

Dr. Ali Askari

Dr. Diana Lee

Dr. Fadi I. Beydoum

Dr. Garo Nazarian

Dr. John L. Shi

Dr. Yon H. Lai


Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Adriana C. Leone

Dr. Nira Dwivedi


These providers were chosen based a number of criteria including but not limited to:

  • Years in practice
  • Board certification review
  • Education & Training
  • Review of malpractice insurance and license
  • Continuing education requirements
  • Patient reviews

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