NY Top Docs & NY Top Dentists is Proud to Feature the Following February 2015 Approved Providers

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following February 2015 approved providers:


NY Top Docs Include:

Internal Medicine

Dr. Rafael Soltren – 10562



Dr. Stephan Kranzler – 10603

Dr. Maria Muste – 10528

Dr. Richard Sweet –  10604

Dr. Barry Jordan – 10600



Dr. Pravin Shah – 10549


NY Top Dentists Include:

General Dentistry

Dr. Stacie Calian – 10549

Dr. Ira Handschuh – 10603

Dr. Robert Kirchmann – 10580

Dr. Jerome Loewenstein – 10580

Dr. Martin Schapiro – 10530

Dr. Barry Steinberg – 10598

Dr. James Sullivan – 10562



Dr. Evan Wetzler – 10598

NY Top Docs is an exclusive and trusted healthcare resource that allows the public to find high quality healthcare providers in a simple, yet targeted method.  Our goal is to provide New York residents with a complete informational resource to assist them when choosing a Healthcare Provider. All of this is at no cost to them.

We review and approve healthcare providers in NY based a number of criteria including but not limited to:

  • Years in practice
  • Board certification review
  • Education & Training
  • Review of malpractice insurance and license
  • Continuing education requirements
  • Patient reviews

and then feature them online.


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