NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following December 2016 approved providers:

NY Top Docs Include:

Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Cynthia Pegler

Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Elina Jerschow

Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr. Ameet R. Kamat


Dr. Daniel J. Adler

Dr. James G. Robilotti

Dr. Jennifer L. Bonheur

Dr. Joseph W. Roberts

Infectious Disease

        Dr. Dennis Karter

Dr. Tasaduq Fazili

Internal Medicine

Dr. Ahmadur Rahman

Dr. Athanasios Mallios

Dr. Barry Grossman

Dr. David Zimmerman

Dr. Joseph Mulvehill

Dr. Lisa Babitz

Dr. Michael Bagner

Dr. Stuart Orsher

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Mitchell Kramer

        Dr. Suzanne Pastore

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Andrew J. Feldman

Dr. Christopher Hubbard

Dr. Craig Dushey

Dr. Kevin Plancher

Dr. Michelle Carlson

Dr. Ron Noy

Dr. William L. King

Pulmonary Medicine

        Dr. Daniel M. Libby

 Dr. Michael J. Flintrop


Dr. Edward Dwyer

Dr. Michael J. Colin

Sleep Medicine

        Dr. Maha Ahmad

Vascular Surgery

       Dr. Ageliki Vouyouka

Dr. Neal Cayne


NY Top Dentists Include:

 General Dentistry

Dr. Albert Granger

Dr. Anthony Colarusso

Dr. Daniel C. Doyle

Dr. Douglas R. Hamill

Dr. Eric Fisher

Dr. Eugene C. Greco

Dr. Frank Altman

Dr. Gerald P. Curatola

Dr. Karen Hammer

Dr. Lila Nikkhah

Dr. M. Candace Collard

Dr. Marc Herman

Dr. Maria Gennarelli

Dr. Marshall D. Fagin

Dr. Martin Bienenstock

Dr. Michael Gershanok

Dr. Paul D. Harbottle

Dr. Paul Hilburg

Dr. R.J. Dietz Jr.

Dr. Richard B. Dunn

Dr. Richard Gochman

Dr. Richard Hochenberg

Dr. Robert A. Coleman

Dr. Robert Cummings

Dr. Robert Herzog, Jr.

Dr. Stephen A. Harris

Dr. Stephen Curtis

Dr. Yevgeniya Gelman

 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Barry Bass

Dr. Glen C. Donnarumma

Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg

Dr. Martin Dominger

Dr. Stephen Gelfman

Dr. Steven Brody


Dr. Bradley Goldsamt

Dr. Maryam Hashemi

 Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Jeffrey Ginsberg


Dr. Greg R. Diamond

Dr. James E. Jacobs

Dr. Jeffrey Giller

Dr. Robert M. Amante


Dr. Lisa R. Antonoff


These providers were chosen based a number of criteria including but not limited to:

  • Years in practice
  • Board certification review
  • Education & Training
  • Review of malpractice insurance and license
  • Continuing education requirements
  • Patient reviews

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