NY Top Docs & NY Top Dentists Proudly Presents November 2017 Approved Providers

NY Top Docs and NY Top Dentists are proud to feature the following November 2017 approved providers.

(Please note that all listings hyperlinked in blue are links to their online profile. Those that are bolded in black do not have an online profile at this time.)


NY Top Docs Include:

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • Dr. Anthony M. Szema


  • Dr. Asma Syed
  • Dr. Arthur C. Weisenseel
  • Dr. Ronald H. Weissman

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Dr. David Spielvogel


  • Dr. Nelson Lee Novick
  • Dr. Alison F. Stallings

ENT (Otolaryngology)

  • Dr. David M. Wasser
  • Dr. Josh Werber

Family Practice

  • Dr. Neil Soskel
  • Dr. Sanjay Taneja
  • Dr. James S. Ward
  • Dr. Jeffrey W. Wike


  • Dr. Peter Baiocco
  • Dr. Christopher Bartolone
  • Dr. Daniel Blachman
  • Dr. William Brown
  • Dr. Alex H. Bruckstein
  • Dr. James P. Campion
  • Dr. Luis I. Canales
  • Dr. Dean N. Cassimatis
  • Dr. Charissa Chang
  • Dr. Gitit Tomer

General Surgery

  • Dr. Sandra S. Tomita


  • Dr. Sohee Bidol-Lee
  • Dr. Andrew Bohmart
  • Dr. Dominick Cannone
  • Dr. Laura Carbone
  • Dr. Richard Chan
  • Dr. Miriam Chung
  • Dr. Alan R. Coffino
  • Dr. David J. Cohen

Neurological Surgery

  • Dr. Lee Eric Tessler


  • Dr. James W. Stark
  • Dr. Scott J. Stevens


  • Dr. Katrina F. Nicandri
  • Dr. Benjamin Schwartz

Oncology / Hematology

  • Dr. Kusum Viswanathan


  • Dr. Sheila Margolis
  • Dr. Eric P. Shakin
  • Dr. John A. Sorenson
  • Dr. Stephen G. Spitzer
  • Dr. Michael B. Starr
  • Dr. Mark A. Steele
  • Dr. John B. Sveen
  • Dr. John D. Vickers
  • Dr. Eugene Weise
  • Dr. Zoe Williams

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Bedros Bakirtzian
  • Dr. Howard O. Baum
  • Dr. Jason R. Baynes
  • Dr. John BEndo
  • Dr. Dov Berkowitz
  • Dr. Geoffrey A. Bernas
  • Dr. Srino Bharam
  • Dr. Aaron J. Bianco
  • Dr. Gabriel D. Brown
  • Dr. John P. Cannizzaro
  • Dr. David R. Capiola
  • Dr. Cary B. Chapman
  • Dr. Ira J. Chernoff
  • Dr. Jack Choueka
  • Dr. Dimitrios Christoforou
  • Dr. Isaac Cohen


  • Dr. Darshan Trivedi
  • Dr. Federick Weck
  • Dr. Mitchell I. Weiler


Spinal Surgery

  • Dr. Mark J. Sterling

Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Vijay Vad


  • Dr. JC Trussell
  • Dr. Robert J. Valenzuela
  • Dr. Robert S. Waldbaum

Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. Ahmad Bhatti
  • Dr. Alfio Carrocio

NY Top Dentists Include:

General Dentistry

  • Dr. Lewis Elson
  • Dr. Michael Krochak
  • Dr. Rafaelina Rodriguez
  • Dr. Lawrence F. Salamino
  • Dr. Stephen H. Schwab

Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Dr. Stephen M. Sokoloff