NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward S. Kwak Named NY Top Doc For 2020

 Dr. Edward S. Kwak

NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward S. Kwak Named NY Top Doc For 2020

Dr. Edward S. Kwak has been reviewed and approved by NY Top Docs for 2020. Dr. Kwak is a facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery in New York City.

“My favorite thing about being a plastic surgeon is the direct impact I have on my patients and to be able to directly impact their lives in a positive manner,” says Dr. Kwak.

Patients can rely on Dr. Edward S. Kwak to experience amazing life-changing results. Dr. Kwak has spent his entire career focusing his talents on the human face and neck, producing exquisite outcomes time and time again.

His specialized education & training was highly focused on the nose, allowing him to garner his reputation as arguably the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has to offer.

In addition, having a practice in the heart of New York has exposed Dr. Kwak to many people with varying ethnic backgrounds. His experience with a diverse clientele has given him additional experience with advanced rhinoplasty techniques that work to maintain distinct shapes and contours of the nose, depending on the patient’s ethnic background.

To learn more about Edward S. Kwak MD – ESKMD Facial Plastic Surgery, please click here.


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