NY Top Dentists Proudly Presents Dr. Adriana C. Leone For 2024

NY Top Dentists Proudly Presents Dr. Adriana C. Leone For 2024


Adriana C. Leone, DMD has been reviewed and approved by NY Top Dentists based on merit for 2024. As the founder of Wall Street Dental Spa in the Financial District of New York City, Dr. Leone brings a unique approach to dentistry, transforming her practice into a haven of relaxation and luxury.

Dr. Leone, a board-certified general dentist, has made it her mission to redefine the dental experience. At Wall Street Dental Spa, patients are greeted not by the typical clinical atmosphere but by a warm, spa-like environment. From the dedicated and compassionate staff to the cutting-edge technology, every aspect is designed to ensure a positive and calming experience for patients seeking dental care.

Dr. Leone’s journey in dentistry began when she was accepted into Tufts Dental School in Boston, MA, as a senior in high school. She completed an accelerated 7-year program, earning her Bachelors of Science at Adelphi University before obtaining her D.M.D. at Tufts in 2000. Dr. Leone’s dedication to dentistry led her to establish her own practice in the financial district in 2005, evolving into the renowned Wall Street Dental Spa.

Dr. Leone is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and International Implant Society. Her dedication to ongoing education is reflected in her attendance of continuing education courses annually.

Dr. Leone is determined to provide personalized care, instruction, and guidance to every patient in a relaxed and modern setting—a unique offering in the bustling environment of New York City. In a landscape where many medical offices can feel impersonal, Dr. Leone’s approach ensures that each patient feels valued and cared for.

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