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Robert N. Lipner

About Robert N. Lipner, DMD

Our warm staff has assisted us in creating a unique format of practice that always puts the patient first.  We personally consider it a privilege to have earned the trust and loyalty of our many patients in past years as you can see by our testimonials.

Doctor Info

Dr. Lipner heads Clinical Services in the midtown Manhattan practice and is known for his clinical expertise in complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry challenges.

He has served as attending in the Prosthetics Department of the Dental Residency Program of New York Hospital  Queens.

As a long time member of the New York County Dental Society, he has served on the Public and Professional Relations Committee and now serves on the Peer Review Committee.

He has also served as Treasurer of the American Friends of Dental Volunteers for Israel and has served and still serves on its Board of Directors.


Our patient services include all those that can be listed within the scope of general dentistry and cosmetic services as in:

  • preventive care
  • tooth colored fillings
  • aesthetic crowns and bridges
  • gum treatment
  • implants
  • bonding
  • bleaching
  • emergency care, and much more.

When there are advanced multidisciplinary needs we can offer total care solutions to include a combination of cosmetic, implant, and general dentistry procedures. We emphasize patient education so you can make your own treatment decisions based on a clear understanding of all options.

Please check out our smile gallery to see “Before and After’s” of some common procedures to help with your orientation.

However, each patient is unique and to match needs with appropriate choices, it is best to call and come on in for a consultation with our doctors. We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you meet your dental goals, all while giving you an experience to smile about.

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From the fruit bowl upon entering the office through the front desk (with dental  goodies displayed) expedited the reason for your visit, one gains confidence that the right choice was made in choosing this dentist. After completion of your dental work you know you made the right choice !

Norman J.

I went to Dr. Lipner in 2009 because I needed a dentist but he did not take my insurance so I had to go to one that was in my network because I needed a lot of work done. The in-network dentist was a lying, greedy, um, I think those are the only words I should put on here because the rest would be profanity laden. The in-network dentist told me I needed to have veneers done but did not give me the option of zirconium or porcelain and wound up having me very stressed out because I was told there was FOUR different veneers ( depending on the day and I guess how the stars were aligned) so I went back to Dr. Lipner. God bless Dr. Lipner! He listened to my concerns, and was HONEST with me (why honesty such a hard thing to come by these days?)and compassionate (why is compassion such a hard thing to find in the medical field). Dr, Lipner put my mind to rest. He still doesn’t take my insurance, but i’m still going to go to him. The office staff is friendly, intelligent, responsible, patient, experienced, and respectful. Anyway, while I can’t say i’m looking forward to more dental work, I CAN say that I am looking forward to having a dentist as wonderful as Dr. Lipner do a top notch job.

Jeannie M.

Very happy with this dentist! I have been going to this dentist for several years now and couldn’t be happier. They are most professional, courteous, and customer focuses. I feel comfortable, heard, and valued every time I go. They are a model not only for other dentists but for doctors in general.

Jeffrey S.